Game and E-Sports Law


Tevetoglu Legal has been advising clients engaged in online, mobile or hyper-casual games since 2000s and now represents a wide range of clients in the games industry whatever the size, from start-up to multinational. Due to this vast experience, we have a chance to develop our commercial awareness and ability to identify and interpret market trends quickly and effectively.

As part of our intensive engagement in the online game industry, we have drafted a suite of standard contracts that can be used by most participants in the market including:

    • Development and publishing agreements; distribution and other licensing agreements;
    • The application of gambling laws to prize competitions, loot boxes and social gaming
    • The regulation of virtual currency, e-money and e-commerce
    • Drafting and updating EULAs, website Terms of Use, competition Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies
    • Classification/rating, censorship, advertising and other regulatory matters
    • Support and advice on cross-media projects between online games and TV, film, music, e-sport, other entertainment businesses
    • Protection of IP rights (including the protection and enforcement of copyright and other intellectual property rights).
    • Corporate mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other investment vehicles
    • Representing our clients before the security directorates, prosecution offices and courts in relation to fraud or chargeback matters

E-sports generally refers to the competitive playing of games which daily attracts more gamers and audiences due to the rise of live streaming gaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, etc. Accordingly licensing becomes crucial, especially IP rights and contractual framework in terms of advertising and sponsorship.

Tevetoglu Legal gives advice to publishers, professional gamers, e-sport companies, online game companies, influencers in relation to the event broadcasting, management and financing agreements, sponsorship and supplier agreements, team participation agreements, cooperation agreements.