Capital Markets Law


Capital markets in Turkey are constantly evolving both in terms of regulation and in practice. As Tevetoglu Legal, we provide consultancy services to minimize the legal risks of our clients regarding this rapidly changing market and provide advisory services to structure their investments and earnings on the most effective legal grounds by simultaneously monitoring and informing them on both regulatory compliance and developing capital market activities and instruments. Thanks to our theoretical and practical experience in capital markets law and its institutions, we have been working in the capital markets field for a long time with the help of our expert advisors and our existing professional network. Tevetoglu Legal provides consultancy and advocacy services at the national and international level on specific issues such as conducting general assemblies, planning and managing initial public offerings (including preparation of prospectuses, articles of association and related documents, due diligence processes), licensing, regulatory compliance, due diligence and reporting on investment vehicles and funds or other financing instruments, material event disclosures, Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) notifications, concealed earnings transfers, market disruptive acts and transactions. Our team provides support to our clients in many areas, including the application and follow-up of legal and administrative processes before the Capital Markets Board and other relevant administrations and institutions, and corporate governance principles.