The Regulation on Domain Names Has Changed

24 April 2021

The Regulation on Domain Names Has Changed

The "Regulation on the Amendment of the Domain Names Regulation" has become effective after being promulgated in the Official Gazette dated 20.04.2021.

The changes in the Regulation on the Domain Names can be summarized as follows:

  • In the definition of Conflict Resolution Service Providers, the expression "professional organizations, universities or international organizations qualified as public institutions" has been changed to "parties".
  • Application requests for domain names opened for reallocation are not considered for two months instead of three.
  • BTK will publish the disputes received in accordance with the KVKK.
  • Registration institutions are required to keep their TRABİS integrated systems and backups within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey.
  • In cases where the domain name is canceled for any reason other than being included in the list of closed or restricted allocation names and the owner renounces the domain name, the relevant domain name will be reopened and this situation will be announced on the BTK website.
  • The ".tr extension" domain names and the "certified domain names" have been arranged.
  • The "" domain name used by electronic mail service providers has also been added to the list of certified domain names.

The full Turkish text of the Regulation can be found at this link: